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Visakha Bucha Day, 15th day of the waxing moon, 6th lunar month.

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2024-05-23 12:30:22

 History of Vesak Bucha Day

Vesak Day is an important international day in Buddhism for Buddhists of all denominations around the world, a public holiday in many countries, and an important international day in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, as it coincides with the three most important events in Buddhism  : the birth, enlightenment, and perinirvana of Buddha Kodom  . 15 evenings  of the 6th  month or the full moon of the month of Visakha (different years) Therefore, Buddhists consider it to be a day that includes the occurrence of great miraculous events and call this day worship Visakha Bucha, short for Visakhapurnami Puja, meaning worship on the full moon of the month of Visakha.

According to evidence, Wisakha Bucha Day first began when Sukhothai was a Rajthani. It is assumed that the pattern was derived from Lanka around 420  B.C. by Lord Bhatikuraj. The king of Lanka performed the Vesak ceremony as a Buddhist offering. Since then, other Lankan kings have continued this Vesak tradition. As for the distribution into Thailand, it may be due to the time of Sukhothai. Thailand has close Buddhist relations with Lanka. It can be seen that many monks from Lanka came to spread Buddhism and bring Vesak worship into practice in Thailand. The practice of Vesak worship in the Sukhothai period is recorded in books. Mrs. Noppamas concluded that when the Vesak Day arrives, The King of the Kingdom, his vassals, both front and inside, throughout the people of Sukhothai will decorate the city with flowers and light lanterns to illuminate the city for 3 days  and 3 nights to pay homage to the King. The people of Sukhothai keep the precepts, listen to the Dharma, offer salakpat, sangkhathan, and alms to novice monks. Donate alms to the poor, make merit to redeem animals, etc.

 Significance of Vesak Day 

It commemorates the day when His Holiness Buddha was born, enlightened, and parinirvana, which coincides with the full moon of the month of Visakhamas (6th month), converging on 3  occasions

: Friday morning, rising 15 evenings, month 6, the year of the screen, before 80  years of Buddhism. Prince Siddhartha was born at Lumbini Wan Royal Park, located between Kabila and Devadaha. Wednesday morning,
rising 15 in the evening of  the month of the 6th year of the Rooster. Before 45  years of Buddhism  Prince Siddhartha became enlightened as a Buddha when he was younger. 35th Birthday under the shade of Si Maha Phot tree On the banks of the Neranjara River Uruvelasena Nikhom Sub-district after 6  years of annexation  Today, this place, called Bodh Gaya, is a sub-district of the city of Gaya, Bihar. Chennai, India After Enlightenment The Buddha preached the Dharma Discipline and proclaimed animal discipline for
45 years. When he was 80 years old, he extinguished the eunuch. On Tuesday, the 15th  evening of the 6th month  of the Year of the Snake, at Salvanothayan of Malla King, Kusinara, Malla Region. It is currently located in Kusinagara, Uttar Pradesh. India

Information: Ministry of Culture