Philosophy Mission Vision

Philosophy, Mission, Vision

Main Points of Five-Year Plan (2017-2022)

3.1 Vision

The college of nursing is an education institution that produces qualified and virtue graduates in nursing and health field

3.2 Mission

Produce Graduates: Provides education in nursing and health studies; Uses moral and ethics in nursing profession; Ability to use English for communication both domestic and international level; Service-minded and possess appropriate personality in the profession.

Research: Produces innovative knowledge in nursing and health field for ASEAN and international community

Academic and Community Services: Provides and publicize academic services; transfers technology in nursing and health field; create healthcare network to prevent disease and provide rehabilitation for community

Arts and Culture Conservation: Conserves, develops and maintains arts and culture

3.3 Main Mission

Produces bachelor’s degree graduates in nursing and health that possess both practical and theoretical knowledge; Graduates possess moral and ethics

Promotes and supports research; creates new knowledge in nursing and health

Provides academic services to community and society; Publishes academic work in nursing and health

Preserves Thai arts and culture

3.4 Pillars





Professional role model

3.5 Culture

Virtues and Appropriate Professional Practice and Seniority Recognition

3.6 Identity

Practitioner, Academic Expert. Excellent Communicator, Proficient Thinker, Public Consciousness

Definition of Identity

Practitioner: Graduates with good personality; proficient in nursing skills, committed to nursing practice; Uses good moral for self-improvement and transfer knowledge to others

Public Consciousness: Graduates with good moral and ethics, help others to do good deeds for the community, society, and country

Excellent Communicator: Graduates with analytical skills, able to synthesize and communicate Thai and English-languages

3.7 Uniqueness

Emphasis on being royalty, cultivate knowledge, honor virtue, and international education center

Definition of Uniqueness

Being Royalty: A university that stresses good image, skills and personality; promotes knowledge that reflects arts and culture from Ratanasoksin era.

 International Education Center: An organization with modern resources and can compete both domestics and international level; meets learning needs of healthcare providers thoroughly and effectively

3.8 Core Values

SMART Core Values of College of Nursing and Health Include:

S: Smart Students: Select and develop students to be knowledgeable, skilled and smart

M: Smart Management: Professional managers that leads changes and administered good governance

A: Smart Academic: Staff possess academic knowledge, smart, and creative

R: Smart Research: Staff capable of conducting research and uses research for practical knowledge

T: Smart Technology & Teacher: Teachers and lecturers transfers knowledge and technology to students; be good role models

3.9 Motto

Motto of College of Nursing and Health is CNHSSRU








3.10 Strategic Issues 2017

1st Issue: Develop the University To Become Sustainable Virtue

2nd Issue: Create academic contribution and promotion of local wisdom

3rd Issue: Develop relationships, connect with network

4th Issue: Expand international recognition